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En manque d’inspiration alors que votre bout d’chou pointe son nez dans quelques mois ? Chaque semaine, nous vous proposons une petite sélection de prénoms : classiques, rétro, pointus, fantaisistes, intemporels… il y en a pour tous les goûts. Ils nous ont été inspirés par nos amis, nos it-moms, nos familles : les voici en exclusivité pour vous !

Classic names

Côme: A charming name, distinctly Italian, for a mischievous little boy who is bubbly and full of imagination.

Louisa: A name that seduces more and more young parents in the past couple of years! The feminine version of Louis, this name belonged to several queens of the 15th century.

Modern names

Louka: A name which evokes tranquillity, sweetness and peace. Louka, a nice alternative to the classic Lucas, comes from the Greek “leukos” which means white.

Nine: Very popular in the Netherlands. Nine still is still little known in France. A name derived from Anne, which means “Grace”.  A real favourite!

Sophisticated names

Loïs: This sweet name has been gaining popularity over the last few years and is heard more and more in school playgrounds!

Aela: Very rare in France, Aela charms us with its melodious and delicate tones.

Names from around the world

Ugo: Of Italian origin. Ugo means “spirit”, a name marked with sweetness and elegance.

Paola: Very popular in Italy and still unusual in France, this name is an original choice for a little girl full of life!

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