Classic names

Bastien: A classic Breton name, sweet and full of life, derived from the Greek “Sebastos” which means “honoured, crowned”.

Maud: Very common in English-speaking countries, derived from Mahaut, this name attracts parents in France and abroad every year.

Sophisticated names

Nino: An Italian name that is gentle and melodious, very popular with young parents.

Gaïa: Gaia is the name of the goddess who symbolizes the nourishing earth. An original and graceful choice.

Names from around the world

Amir: “The one who will never die” in Persian, “Proclaimed” in Hebrew and “Prince” in Arabic, Amir is a majestic name with multiple meanings.

Emna: Very popular in the Muslim world, Emna is the mother of the phropher Muhammad. Still very rare in France, this short and elegant name is a real heart-stopper! 

You whispered these names to us…

Andres: Of Scandinavian origin, derived from Andreas, although this name is very rare in France it is widespread in Spain.

Elina: A striking name that draws people’s attention!

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