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Is your little one due to arrive in a few months but you’re lacking inspiration? Don’t worry! Each week, we put together a small selection of names for you: classic, retro, sophisticated, imaginative, timeless… there’s one for every taste.  We’ve been inspired by our friends, our ‘it moms’, our families and especially by you: here is your exclusive list!

Classic names

Romain: Very common in the 2000s, this name of Latin origin continues to charm many parents. A classic name par excellence!

Olympe: A Greek name derived from “Olympos”, the name of the sacred mountain where the gods rested. A poetic name choice that is steeped in history.

Modern names

Milo: Derived from the Czech name Miloslav, Milo reminds us of the famous Greek sculpture, the Venus de Milo. Short and original, this name is full of sweetness!

Emma: Rich in meaning, this delicate and charming name is timeless. It reminds us of the heroine of Flaubert’s novel, better known as Madame Bovary.

Sophisticated names

Ariel: Related to the word “hero” in the Bible, Ariel is a sweet and uncommon name.

Livia: This name is unusual, elegant and mysterious and not widespread in the playground – a real secret treasure!

Names from around the world

Manfred: Very popular in English-speaking countries, this name refers to the King of Sicily who ruled from 1258 to 1266.

Esma: With its two sweet and simple syllables, this name of British origin charms many young parents.

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