17 46 prénom de la semaine
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Is your little one due to arrive in a few months but you’re lacking inspiration? Don’t worry! Each week, we put together a small selection of names for you: classic, retro, sophisticated, imaginative, timeless… there’s one for every taste.  We’ve been inspired by our friends, our ‘it moms’, our families and especially by you: here is your exclusive list!

Classic names

Raphaël: From Hebrew’s “God has healed”, this name of the angel works that suits people of all ages: from a mischievous little boy to a young adult!   

Constance: A delicate and elegant name that charms us with its soft sounds. 

Sophisticated names 

Alderic: “Noble’ and “powerful” in German, this name is still popular in France, a real favourite!  

Paloma: A refined, sweet and melodious name associated with the dove of peace.  

Retro names 

Honoré: Referencing multiple historical figures: Honoré de Balzac, Honoré Daumier, Jean-Honoré Fragonard… This imperial, majestic and sweet name charms more and more young parents.   

Cyprienne: Vivid, sparkling, elegant and rare: an original and charming name choice! 

Names from around the world 

Sullivan: From the Irish surname “Súilleabháin”, Sullivan appeared in France in the 1970s.

Chelsea: Meaning “sea port” in English, this name gained popularity in France in the 1990s. A charming name for a happy and dynamic little girl!  

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