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Is your little one about to arrive and you’re lacking inspiration? Don’t worry!  Each week, we put together a little selection of names: classic, retro, sophisticated, imaginative, timeless… there’s one for every taste. We’ve been inspired by our friends, our ‘it moms’, our families: here they are, exclusively for you!

Classic names

Tristan: From Celtic origin, Tristan is at the same time strong and sensitive.  A name that reminds us of the mythical legend of the star-crossed lovers who were united at Yseult.

Elisa: Outgoing, modest and considerate.

Retro names

George: Yes, we agree, George is not so rare after the birth of the royal baby in 2013.  But this name remains timeless, charming and full of character.

Guillemette: This feminine version of the classic Guillaume (William) is often forgotten.  Dynamic, cheerful, future parents easily fall in love with this name.

Sophisticated names

Vadim: Charismatic, determined and independent.

Paula: A brilliant name, confident and charming.

Your favourites

Benoît: A classic French favourite, Benoït will seduce you with its simplicity and gentleness.

Maëlle: Continuing the fashion of regional names, Maëlle (or Maël for boys) takes us straight back to Brittany with its frank and gentle character.

What’s been your inspiration this week?

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  1. 29th September 2015, 14:36

    Encore un de mes prénoms ” chouchoux ” : Vadim je l’adore pour son origine, ses sonorités, sa rareté, il reste doux & précieux je pourrais carrément le donner !

    Paula ce prénom m’interroge, je n’y avais jamais trop prêté attention, jusqu’à ce que je regarde CE film dont on a beaucoup parlé ” La famille Bélier ” Paula est interprété par la jolie Louane … je trouve que ce prénom de Paula lui allait à merveille, à elle, à son personnage, je ne sais pas !
    C’est un prénom qui fait son petit chemin dans mon mûrissoir, je lui trouve beaucoup de charme & de charisme …

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